If you’re looking for an original piece of artwork or have an idea for a gift but cannot find what you have in mind, I can create a bespoke print illustration to bring your ideas to life! There are lots of reasons to commission work, some people use it as an opportunity to celebrate a memorable location or event or to tell a story as part of a gift.


What is your process?
Firstly I gather all the important information needed for the project, I love to get to know you and your ideas. This can be done via emails and photographs or a conversation over the phone. We'll then agree a price for the commission and any additional items you may need such as a frame, printing etc.

Once agreed I will then carry out the majority of the studio work updating you with photographs once or twice through the commission to make sure all details are correct and if we need to make any amends throughout we can. 

How long does it take?
Ideally we aim to keep to a minimum of 1-3 weeks for a commission. This includes the printing time if this is required. However it's never too early to start the conversation and let the ideas flow. 

Will I need to pay a deposit and how much will it cost?
Alongside many of our services, we cost each project appropriately and therefore do not have a basic price list. This allows the costing to be completely tailored to your needs and no project is the same.

Before any project we require a deposit for the first hour of design work. This is then deducted from your final invoice payment. This small deposit covers the cost for any materials that is needed to complete your project. 

What about postage?
Postage is always included within the cost of your project alongside other items. Once the commission has been printed we will dispatch your commission out to you either 1st or 2nd class depending on the date you need to commission for.


Let's kick start your project!
Get in touch using the contact form below to kick start your commission project. Make sure to let us know as much detail as possible for us to understand your ideas.

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.